Keepers Kitchen

Venison Casserole    £7.00
A fruity medley of locally sourced wild venison steak marinaded with onions, garlic and red wine, mixed with apricots, raisins and water chestnuts, seasoned with ground allspice and brandy. Great with a baked potato.

Fisherman’s Pie    £4.00
Fillets of cod with prawns oven baked in a fresh parsley sauce and covered with our own free-range hard boiled eggs and topped with cheesy creamed potatoes.

Yellow Thai Curry with Chicken    £6.50
Free-range corn fed chicken seasoned with coconut milk, lemon grass, red peppers and fresh coriander cooked with a yellow Thai sauce. A medium hot curry best served with rice.

Chicken and Broccoli Bake    £4.00
A bed of free-range chicken and broccoli in a rich white wine and cream sauce topped with a crispy cheesy lid. Garlic bread is a good accompaniment.

Hunter’s Pie    £5.00
Locally sourced wild venison mince oven baked with onions, tomatoes, red wine and thyme, coated with cheesy creamed potatoes. A rich (deer) version of cottage pie.

Chilli Con Carne    £4.00
A hot and spicy mix of steak mince, red kidney beans, tomatoes, onions, smoked bacon, garlic, cumin and a dash of worcestershire sauce. Served best with rice.

Jane’s Lamb Curry    £5.50
Our own rare breed lamb seasoned with ginger, onions, garlic, red chillies and fresh coriander, mixed with tomatoes and flavoured with a hot and fragrant curry mix finished with yoghurt and lime juice. Served best with a rice and a cold beer.

Lasagna al Forno    £4.00
Wafer-thin green egg pasta, layered together with a filling of thick ragù Bolognese, parmesan cheese and nutmeg flavoured cream sauce.


Accompaniments also available:

Pilau, American long grain, Basmati or Egg fried rice 250g    £1.50 each
(microwave in 2 mins)
Baguette with garlic butter or herb butter 175g    £1.00 each
(15 mins in oven)